10 91st Annual Jurisdictional Holy Convocation, OFFICIAL DAY, New Bethel COGIC, Washington, DC

16 TACOGIC Praise & Worship Celebration, 1:30 pm

23 Nursing Home Ministry, 3:30 pm


1-7 Backpacks for Hope Drive

6 Jurisdictional Sunshine Band

13 Quarterly Meeting and Jurisdictional Assembly, 9:00 am

19 Warren G. Crudup District Fellowship, The Answer COGIC, 7:30 pm

20 Men & Women's Department Meetings

24-27 Jurisdictional Women's Convention

28 TACOGIC Family & Friends Day. DM Bass Speaking


1-4 International Auxiliaries in Ministry (A.I.M.) Convention

3 Pastor McPherson speaking at True Faith Community Church, 6:30 pm

11 TACOGIC Annual Women's Day Brunch

12 TACOGIC Annual Women's Day

17 Pastor McPherson speaking at Superintendent Emeritus Coles Anniversary Service

25 Nursing Home Ministry, 3:30 pm

26 Superintendent Jones Church Anniversary, Pastor McPherson speaking

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